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Harmony Kingdom

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The Blue Heron Collectors Gallery is the Premier Secondary Market dealer located directly on the Oregon Coast.  We offer the largest selection of Secondary Market, Retired and Hard to Find Art Work by Giuseppe Armani.  Let us assist you in fulfilling your Giuseppe Armani purchasing dreams, or listing your wonderful works of art for sale. Ask us about our investment portfolios and other collectable opportunities. TWENTY FIVE YEARS of commitment to our customers.

We have brought back, consigned and resold hundreds of Secondary Market Pieces, including entire collections!

Below is a list of over 45 images for your viewing pleasure. This is just a small selection of available collectibles from Armani. The index below is helpful when you are trying to locate single releases. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

Please note: The Giuseppe Armani images are scanned at the best possible resolution. They will take a short while to come up on the Internet. Please be patient - it's worth the short wait.


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My Fair Ladies
1. Charm
2. Moonlight
3. Carmen
4. Starlight

5. Frances
6. Renee
7. Holly
8. Cathy

9. Pretty Lady
10. Natasha
11. Brief Encounter
12. In The Mood

13. Rosalie
14. Tia
15. Opal
16. Mystical Fountain
1. Nanette
2. Regine
3. Danielle
4. Colette

5. Morning Rose
6. Spring Morning
7. Fragrance
8. Promenade
9. Soiree

10. Christine
11. Eloise
12. Serna
13. Vanessa
14. Lara
15. Grace
16. In Love
17. Georgia

18. Nicole
19. Valentina
20. Alessandra
21. Marina
Golden Age
1. Lacey
2. Sun Shower
3. Blossom
4. Reverie
Social Events
1. Summer
2. Winter

3. Spring
4. Autumn

The Seasons
1. Falling Leaves
2. Love in Bloom
3. Sunshine

5. Autumn Breeze
6. Summer Melody
7. Spring Time
8. Winter Fun

9. Winter Chill
10. May Time
11 . Autumn Wind
12. Summer Breeze
Via Vento
1. Summer Stroll
2. Whitney
3. Tiger Lily
4. Black Orchid


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