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1987:The Lovebirds
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1988:The Woodpeckers
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1989: The Turtledoves
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1990:The Dolphins
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1993 The Elephant
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1998: The Pegasus $350

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1991: The Seals
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1994: The Kudu
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1992: The Whales
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1995: The Lion
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Blue Heron

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1996: The Unicorn
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1997:The Dragon
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Swarovski Collectors Society

The Privileges of an Exclusive Passion
You are enchanted by Swarovski Silver Crystal. You already own one - or even more - pieces. Perhaps you are already a collector. We created the Swarovski Collectors Society for people who love beautiful things and cherish an exclusive passion: collecting Swarovski Crystal. Established in 1987, it now has more than 370,000 members who are catered to by more than 18 Sales Companies. As a member of the Swarovski Collectors Society, you will profit from exclusive privileges.

A welcome gift
New members receive a welcome gift that would be a highlight in any collection.

Annual Editions, created especially for SCS members
For club members only...every year Swarovski creates a very special object, The Annual Edition, available during the year of introduction only.These objects enjoy enormous popularity. In addition, members of the SCS can acquire the Collector's Display designed especially for the object and the Crystal Title Plaque.

The "Swarovski" Magazine
The Swarovski Magazine is published four times a year and is complimentary to members. It presents new products, informs about special events, features special offers, reports on collectors' activities, and includes interesting articles from around the world.

Renewal Gifts for Members
Every year members receive a renewal gift - It is something different every year.With a 3-year membership or a 3- year renewal, a club member also receives an exclusive loyalty gift.

SCS Membership Card
The SCS membership card entities its holder to all the advantages and privileges of the Swarovski Collectors Society.

Invitations to Special Events
Several times a year Swarovski organizes special events all over the world. At receptions, gala evenings, tours, annual celebrations and club meetings, SCS members have the chance to meet Swarovski designers, admire the latest creations at a fashion show or be inspired at decoration seminars.