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Swarovski Selection

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Helios Tableclock $355

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Uranus Candleholder $385

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Saturn Candleholder $440

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Stalactite Candleholder $620

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Astro Box $355

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Stalagmite Ringholder $355

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Kaviarschale $650

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Shiva Bowl $440

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Enigma Table Clock $355

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Ren Candleholder

select10.jpg (4240 bytes)
Wa Bowl $850

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Gemini Vase $440

scs9.jpg (5385 bytes)
Calix Vase $650

Blue Heron

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Apollo Bowl $650

scs11.jpg (6280 bytes)
Colorado Bowl $355

select16.jpg (8729 bytes)
Petit Vase $650

Swarovski Selection

Esprit and individuality with the aim of anchoring crystal within the context of our times, Swarovski has turned to future oriented designers. Swarovski Selection was created as the result of challenging and motivated co-operation. New ideas inspired the art of crystal cutting. Objects with magical powers, functional shapes and links with other noble materials were created. Crystal in a fully new dimension. Discover for yourselves the captivating objects of this collection. Each object reflects the personality of its designer. Preference and style, symbolism, desires and visions merge to become a statement transcending all fashions and trends.

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Soliflor $440

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Curacao Tableclock $440

select19.jpg (8208 bytes)
Cleo Picture Fram $440