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Globe with Clock

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Rose Vase Flacon with crystals

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Handbag with Clock

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Gift Box with crystals

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Suitcase with Picture Frame
Blue Heron

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For all those enchanted by tiny precious objects, Swarovski has created Secrets. The Crystal Memories range has always had its own distinctive charm, enhanced by beautiful gold-plated details; but this new series is particularly special as a surprise is hidden within each piece. A photograph frame, for instance, lies inside the Suitcase and a tiny clock within the Handbag, as well as in the miniature Globe. Crystals fill the Gift Box, but a ring could be kept here, too; and the Rose and Spring Flower Flacons could hold a few drops of scent. Each piece is designed to harbour something treasured. Better still, they are so tiny you can take one with you anywhere.

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Spring Flower Vase Flacon with crystals